A new dawn on the 7th September

First of all, my sincere apologies for not posting in over several months. My blog fell to way side with family, work and study. And I apologise. I’m also mad at myself for not continuing to post, because I do have lots to share and talk about. But let me just focus on today, because it is indeed a bittersweet day in my career.

Its’s the end of an era for EMC, and for me. I have been an EMC employee since the 5th January 2005.


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Who will be the EMC Elect of 2016?

Who will be the EMC Elect of 2016? Well only those that nominate can decide.  EMC_Elect_Nominate

It will the 4th year for EMC Elect, and its hard to believe another year of the program has passed. But ut has and with recent announcments 2016 is shaping up to be the most compelling year for EMC.

And I believe the EMC Elect of 2016 are going to be ones with the exclusive access to tell that story, minus the spin and the FUD.

Nominations close on the 30th November at Midnight EST (US).

Do not let your favorite EMC knowledgable peer miss this exciting oppurtunity to join a very vibrant Technical community.

And to the EMC Elect of 2015, even though the sun is beginning to set on 2015, I want to thank you for the tremendous passion and commitment you have given to this community. Once EMC Elect, always EMC Elect. I sincerely thank you on behalf of EMC and the EMC community who are the true beneficiaries of the erudite content you share passionate and curious technology geeks! I really appreciate you all and it is an honour to faciliate the program.

And the very best of luck to all those nominated for the EMC Elect of 2016.

Now don’t delay, time is short. :Nominate:

Up next, a panel discusson on strategies to grow and maintain a successful Social Community


So yes its been a while, but I have been busy. Leading the EMC Elect has been a very involving, challenging but definitely fulfilling role so far. Its been a busy summer, with a vacation to fit in, and lots of family stuff.  Its been fun, even if the weather has not.

Anyway, I head to New York next week as an invited speaker on a panel at the Customer Service Experience 2015 conference. The Panel will discuss “Strategies to Grow and Maintain a Successful Social Community” 

Even though I am now fully fledged in a Social Marketing role, My experience in customer service stretches back 15 years. And it continues in that marketing role.

My invite came on the back of my applying to thisconference to speak about EMC’s Ask the Expert Program which I created and developed, when I was working in the Customer Service division in EMC.  Its not exactly my first panel discussion. I participated in my very first one back in 2012 at EMC World. But I was surrounded by EMC Community Network Legends. This time I am on my own. I hope to be a ltlle less nervous than I was then, but probably will be just as nervous.

And while this is going on I am planning EMC Elect stuff for VMWorld 2015. So busy at hyper speed. But you’ll here plenty about that in due course.  Between v0dge ball team formation, VMunderground sponsorship and EMC Elect’s new pod cast launch its crazy busy. But it’s things Iam passionate about, so its all joy.

An overdue blog post

I just wanted to share that I have been very busy in my new role and regrefully have not blogged for quite a while. This post comes to you from the Claifornian Coast in San Diego.  From the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Coast I have travelled.  I was attending  Csco Live and it was a great show and I achieved a lot.

Anyway, I have not been silent, I am tweeting away, recording podcasts, which I started at Cisco Live and pretty focused on EMC Elect.

Here’s a list of content I have been sharing elesewhere 🙂

EMC Elect at EMC World 2015

EMC Elect on Tap Pod Casts

Now with that out of the way I have been thinking of late about this blog, my own personal brand and generally how to disrupt before I get disrupted! 🙂 I am considering n overhaul of the content I share here and even the whole look and feel . Just to improve things from my perspective and to imorove things for readers too.

I have no plan as yet, just ruminating really. None the less I have not gone away nor has this blog.

But rest assured, I the human behind this keyboard, yeah me is not changing. I am still my authentic self who believes that that Community is not ony vital but the only way to succeed in endeavour.

Until next time, Mind yourselves and thrive in your endeavours.


New beginnings : a natural evolution and an exciting challenge

Discovering the New Frontier!

This month I celebrated 10 years and 3 months with EMC.

When I joined EMC way back in 2005 I soon learned, that no day is ever going to be the same. I mean ever!  And that has not changed since that day to this. EMC is maniacally focused on its Customers and for me with the strong customer service background that was and still is  maniacally attractive.

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EMC Elect discount code giveaway for EMC World 2015

This post will be short but effective. The EMC Elect have been given a good number of discount codes to giveaway to people who are about to register for EMC World.

Each code gives a discount of $150 off one EMC World Registration. Cool giveaway right!

All you have to do is reach out to the EMC Elect via twitter with #EMCElect saying you want a discount code.

You can also reply to this thread on the EMC Community Network right here: http://bit.ly/1bRdJU0

There is of course a catch, these codes expire on April 6th, which means you have to get one and use it by April 6th. 

So Don’t delay, secure your $150 discount for an EMC World Registration and attend the premier conference hosted by EMC and learn thier vision for Big Data, Converged Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud and Flash in the  IT future.

Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

Welcoming the members of the EMC Elect of 2015

347028-graphic-EMC Elect 2015-hires.jpg Well today has been a long time coming. In its third year, the EMC Elect program continues to be the premier advocacy program from EMC. What makes it unique is that it’s for the community and by the community. Members of the EMC Elect of 2014 were chosen as a Nominee Selection/ Judging panel to evaluate and score the nominations. Now that has never been an easy task for these people, and this year was probably the hardest of all. It was really tough for the Selectors/ Judges, as the caliber of the nominees was quite high in most cases. But they got there in the end and now here we are. Following an evaluation of 450 nominations, and getting down to 200 finalists, we came out with 102 EMC Elect members for 2015. The list will have some familiar names and new ones. See it here It’s exciting to see the anticipation for the announcement. And EMC Elect has really become a coveted title. I know there will be a slew of excitement as the new Elect members joyfully share their news. There will be plenty of analysis of who’s in and where they are from and the breakdown. All good stuff to know and you can learn a bit more from some of our Nominee selectors / Judges. Check  our Rob Koper’s blog and Dave Henry’s blog on the subject. What I want to call out in my own blog is the intention of EMC Elect in 2015. It’s going to be about empowering the members. We are still going to deliver on the excellent EMC Elect experience as we have always done. The private community, private briefings, the betas, inside look and the fun of EMC World and other conferences will continue. In addition to these things this year we intend to redefine the experience by empowering the EMC Elect to expand those social conversation about the Industry and EMC to other venues beyond the typical conference events. This means that EMC Elect members can pick their own venue to talk about the Elect program, the industry and the technology / services involving EMC anywhere they choose. That can be around a pizza with 4 people or at an internal or external conference or user group. and we are also at looking at ways for the EMC Elect to get together at EMC briefing centers around the World for mini user conferences / groups. All of this is intended to expand the EMC Elect members horizons and let them do what they do well naturally. They are naturally curious  and knowledgeable about technology, passionate about their community and authentic about what they share. It gives the members more oppurtunity to speak at other events beyond the traditional ones and allows more people to interact with the members. And its fun too. And who knows the collaborative and creative direction these events and discussions  could take amogst people. it should be very interesting and fun. So congratulations to all of the EMC Elect of 2015. Its the third installment of EMC Elect and its going to be the most exciting one yet. See you out there!

And Yes even the EMC Elect take selfies 🙂

VMWare PEX 2014: EMC Elect’s legendary part in it!

This post comes to you from San Francisco as the VMWare Partner Exchange summit for 2014 is wrapping up.

It was a pretty hairy experience getting here but that’s another story.

EMC Elect is a program that facilitates a better connection between those who talk about EMC a lot and EMC itself. As the EMC Elect members are a trusted group it allowed us to invite them to a private partner boot camp on Feb 10th, headlined by Chad Sakac, who is as it happens an EMC Elect member.

It was very well attended and Chad shared lots of “Secret Sauce” to the partners and the EMC Elect. It was a packed day of content and we had a packed house of of an attentive and curious audience.

As well as the taking in the “awesome sauce” of a look under the hood at EMC’s road map and vision, some legendary fun was had that may have unintentionally created a rip  in the time space continuum.  But you knonw, this is how the EMC Elect roll 🙂

it was the EMC Elect twist on the #EMCselfie mission of the summit.

The EMC Elect were also invited to the Scale IO partners appreciation event which allowed for some refreshment, networking and catching up with old friends.

As well as the Road map and social opportunities, the EMC Elect were treated to a private Software Defined Services briefing held by Dave Nicholson.

This was a great briefing that led to a great blog post by EMC Elect member Brian Carpenter, after the details were announced to the public.


I am always humbled by the Rock star members  passion for this community that Matt Brender and I had the vision to build. When I look back I used to worry somewhat that we’d never get traction. But no worries are required. The members are a passionate community, that care and share. Such amazing people one and all. And it always fun and interesting to hang out with them

I’ll be heading home soon and many of the Elect are already on their way. But this post is to share the excitement, the passion and the value the EMC Elect community shares pretty much every single day. This always goes through the roof when you have a lot them around in person. And they hear this a lot from me, but I have to thank them.

Stay tuned to #EMCElect for more legendary adventures throughout 2014. 🙂

Happy Holidays, belated Merry Christmas and a recap of 2013 and into 2014!

Procrastination has been a bane of mine when it comes to blogging. And that has a lot to do with the way I feel. Confidence has not been with me to edge me into continued blogging. It’s been a very busy 2013, with my focus very much on two very important projects, EMC Ask the Expert and EMC Elect.And with being busy, free time to blog, is hard to find.

Anyway,  looking over the stats for Ask the Expert, they really do show how much the program has grown since 2012. in 2012 we hosted 27 events.

In 2013, we surpassed this with a total of 91 events with over 125,000 page views, and over 71,000 visits. EMC Ask the Expert is now an integrated production tool that is part of EMC’s Customer Service innovation offerings.It is is multilingual, and incorporated into all aspects of the product life cycle. We host Ask the Expert events for product launches as well as continuing those events throughout the life cycle of the established product. The phenomenal success of this program is very much down to the participating community members of the ECN. And particularly I would like to thank all of the experts who gave up their time and expertise to answer questions on the their hosted hot topics. Thank you all so much for making this program such a success in 2013. We will continue to grow, and expand EMC’s Ask the Expert program in 2014. We learned a lot in the past year and while we intend to continue to offer these events for new and existing products, expect to see us where you want us to be. We not that the Social Media evolution continue unabated.

We intend to offer these events where it is relevant for our community. We will continue to be based on the ECN but are happy to meet our peers on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and other platforms that arise as relevant to Social Community collaboration.

While Ask the Expert has been successful due the community member, it is important for me to single out one contributor who I considered to be a joint Project Manager on Ask the Expert. That is Stephanie McBride. Stephanie did phenomenal work with Experts, with internal EMC business units and really helped us Market the program in a very relevant and community-centric way. She is very much responsible for integrating ATE into our launch process for products. I cannot thank her enough for her stellar work ethic and passion for the program. As you all know, Stephanie has moved on to Boston University. And while she will be missed very much at EMC, I know she will continue to do stellar and remarkable work in her new role.

Now to talk about EMC Elect. What a phenomenal success its been. Starting out in 2013 on January 15th as a brand new program it garnered a phenomenal response, attention and popularity. We recognized 75 people  in 2013, who on average had ~50,000 unique Social Media followers.

And these 75 people were the driving force behind the EMC Elect success. Within a short time EMC Elect went from new to something EMC cannot do without. Whether its at a conference, product launch or just a techie hangout, you see #EMCElect and you know some very relevant people are sharing very relevant information and community connectivity.

EMC Elect is quickly being seen as the equivalent of press or analysts. What they have to say, everyone wants to hear.  Matt Brender and I worked hard very hard to facilitate this within EMC. But the hardest work was done by the EMC Elect members and I would like to thank all of them for their contributions in 2013. Thank you so much for making this a success that amplifies Social Community and collaboration.

Very soon we’ll be announcing the EMC Elect for 2014. It’s been tough for the judges this year, given the scale of increase in nominations. Being An EMC Elect is a coveted title it seems. and in 2014 the program is sure to grow in popularity, attention and engagement.

And while iit is sad to see Matt Brender move on from EMC, I want to thank him for his immense contribution and drive for this program. I will miss him an awful lot, but rest assured what we built together will continue to grow and thrive.

I intend to see EMC Elect thrive and rest assured the EMC Elect team inside EMC has grown significantly too since we started. It is big focus for EMC and the team are very much behind executing and really providing the new EMC Elect even greater opportunities to engage.

Its been a tremendous ride in 2013. 2014 looms large and you can bet I will be a busy man with two amazing programs. But I will never loose sight of the fact that the success of these programs are dependent upon the community engagement of its members. There are a lot of you to thank, and I do so humbly. I look forward to working with you all again in the New year. Here’s to to a challenging year and great successes throughout. To you and yours all the best for 2014.