New beginnings : a natural evolution and an exciting challenge

Discovering the New Frontier!

This month I celebrated 10 years and 3 months with EMC.

When I joined EMC way back in 2005 I soon learned, that no day is ever going to be the same. I mean ever!  And that has not changed since that day to this. EMC is maniacally focused on its Customers and for me with the strong customer service background that was and still is  maniacally attractive.

EMC is big, very big! and getting bigger!  And in the ten years plus I have been here, its workforce, product portfolio, customer & partner base and market share has been on an exponential curve. This continues and its now part of a Federation of companies which is just phenomenal . I have never felt stagnated.The fact is, even after a decade with EMC I still feel like a newbie! I am not kidding.

I have held some amazing roles along the way, where I learned a lot :  in tech support, tech writing, community management and project management.  Each role has always had the focus being the customer. As someone focused on Customer Support, I am not a traditional marketing professional. But with the advent of social media, demand for online services and offerings, I became a social media champion for EMC and the brand differentiation of EMC’s Support offerings, particularly our Online Support site and technical support communities. And I have evolved into a marketing role, albeit under the Global Services organization of EMC and subsequently into EMC’s IT Organization.

Well as of this month, that changes. I am now taking up a new and exciting role in EMC’s Social Media Marketing Team. I will be leading the EMC Elect Program, EMC’s premier advocate and influencer recognition program.

While it is a different realm of business and a new frontier for my career,  I am still the same geek I have always been. I am maniacally focused and curious about technology, people and customer service and community. I bring these skills with me and look forward look forward to a new adventure and challenge. One I am going to relish and am chomping at the bit to get stuck into 🙂 And as my role is about facilitating our influencer community primarily, its one that’s right up my alley.

Now if you will excuse me, the dates for EMC World 2015 are rolling up like a runaway freight train!

There is planning and preparation to be done. Talk about hitting the ground running. Exactly how I like it 🙂

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