About Mark Browne

Mark has 15+ years experience in the Enterprise IT industry, in technical and customer support, technical writing, project management, training, online community building, social media marketing, influencer marketing and sales. He’s also hosted the Dell EMC Tech Select podcast between 2016 – 2017.

Mark is a a passionate advocate of human centered Design Research focused on building online and in person communities that build business in terms of market share, revenue and a meaningful value proposition that leads to success and sustained growth. He’s helped Dell EMC do these things with great success that led to multi million dollars in  revenue.

Based out of Cork, Ireland, Mark is a SCUBA diving enthusiast and is a crew member of his local Life Boat station. You’l find Mark in a constant state of framing, researching, synthesizing, concepting and prototyping with design thinking.

Content and Interviews from Mark:

Mark Browne on what makes an expert in the EMC Support Forums. 

In Focus Dell EMC

Cisco Roving Report interviews Mark Browne at VMWorld

Geek Fluent Mini podcast guest
Dell Tech sElect Podcast
Influencer Marketing Council Podcast Interview
The Value of Community Interview

To connect with Mark you can:

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