A new dawn on the 7th September

First of all, my sincere apologies for not posting in over several months. My blog fell to way side with family, work and study. And I apologise. I’m also mad at myself for not continuing to post, because I do have lots to share and talk about. But let me just focus on today, because it is indeed a bittersweet day in my career.

Its’s the end of an era for EMC, and for me. I have been an EMC employee since the 5th January 2005.


Its been an amazing an amazing 11 years, 8 months and day and half🙂. EMC was the makings of my career. Its been a great company to me. Its been hard work, challenging, but I have loved every minute of it. I have had great managers, mentors and colleagues and customers. Many great people I have encountered. I have made many great friendships, that I will cherish to my dying day. And thanks to EMC I got see Athens, Berlin, Barcelona, Vegas (far too many times), San Francisco ( never enough times), Orlando and San Diego. And I almost forgot Kalkar, in Germany.

Travel aside, what is really important to me to point out about EMC, is the fact that I learned what it meant to be maniacally focused on our Customers success. This lives with me as does having ambition, tenacity and a focus on your team, peers and customers that is akin to family. EMC gave me the oppurtunity to focus on Community, to embrace the Social Media revolution and the oppurtunity to build Community focused programs.

My proudest achievements are my family of course. I’m blessed with a wonderful wife, daughter and son (in order of first appearances :)) . My proudest achievements at EMC of course will be the  EMC Ask the Expert program and the EMC Elect program. Not because I built them. No its because I helped bring together a community of people to help build and sustain them.


This is not goodbye, this is a new dawn for my career, and those many people at Dell and EMC. A new Company is being born. And for my part I will continue to build on my achievements  and serving my colleagues, customers and partners. I am currently attending a Irish Management Institute / University College Cork for a Masters in Business Data. I am focusing on measuring the ROI of influencer engagment, and it’s yielding some really valuable results. And it could not come at a better time as the biggest merger in tech history completes. Dell EMC is a new company, one that I am very, very excited about and to be part of. The family has gotten a whole lot bigger. its exciting times. And you will be hearing more from me, as I focus on Business Data. I’ll have lots to share. And there is going to be plenty of information coming out about the new Dell – EMC company. But for now, Thank you to EMC, to Joe Tucci, and the many other executives, managers, colleagues, customers and partners for making my time at EMC the best and most fulfilling time in my career to date. #Iwork4Dell




Saint Patrick and Liber Pater, a brilliant coincidene

On this day, the 17th March, around the world, the feast day of Saint Patrick is celebrated. Saint Patrick is the legendary Saint of Ireland, who came here a slave, learned the language and customs of Ireland, escaped and returned bringing Christianity to Ireland.

He’s surrounded in legend, like banishing all the snakes from Ireland amongst other great deeds.


But did you know, that Saint Patrick shares his feast day with an ancient Roman God? It’s a true story. It is of course the Roman God known as Liber-Pater or Liber.


Now Liber-Pater is interesting. As wikipedia states “In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Liber /ˈlbər/ (“the free one”; Latin: Līber [ˈliːbɛr]), also known as Liber Pater(“the free Father”) was a god of viticulture and wine, fertility and freedom. He was a patron deity of Rome’s plebeians and was part of their Aventine Triad. His festival of Liberalia (March 17) became associated with free speech and the rights attached to coming of age.”

The correlation of the feast day is an interesting coincidence and indeed the celebration of Saint Patricks day is synonymous with free flowing drinking, shenanigans and a reprieve in your Lenten fast for the one day of this feast. And the God of Liberty, Patrick was very much associated with Irish freedom and Irish identity.

Is this a happy coincidence, or irony playing out in the universe? It may well be. Although one should look a little deeper under the hood and you’ll find an even more fascinating story. So who decided the feast day of Saint Patrick?


Let me introduce you to Luke Wadding. Wadding, a Co. Waterford native born in October 1558, was a Franciscan priest ordained in 1607 and sent as chaplain to Rome in 1618. He was a fierce Irish Nationalist and stirred up anti English sentiment in his Irish College, which he setup in Rome. He was a powerful cleric in Rome and supported the Irish Catholic Rising of 1641, even sending soldiers and Arms to Ireland. After that failed and Cromwell committed his genocide, he lobbied the papacy to create a feast day for the patron Saint of Ireland. And he got it. I wonder, with his love of liberty and him being in Rome whether he intentionally picked March 17th after learning about the Ancient god of liberty.

We’ll never be sure, but thanks to Luke Wadding, we got one of the most famous saints in the world as our patron saint and Apostle to God. And the fact that this was done by an Irish nationalist Franciscan who tied the saints day to a Pagan god of liberty feast day, makes me smile.

Just something I had to share.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh ! 

It’s Official: Announcing the EMC Elect of 2016



Well the announcement is out. The Official EMC Elect List for 2016 is out.

This post will explain some of the changes and perhaps surprises seen in this list.

EMC Elect is a community-driven recognition and thank you for individual’s engagement with EMC as a brand over the last calendar year. And its always been very exclusive! In 2016 its become very, very exclusive. In fact the number of members has reduced from 102 to 72. This is not due to a fall in interest in the program by any means. This time around we opened the nominations for the month of November in 2015. We had just over 700 nominees, our biggest yet. And it was the shortest window for nominations we have held.

The main reason the numbers have reduced is due to the Judges, who are all members of the Community of Elect in 2015, and myself agreeing that things have changed. And that perhaps the excitement and direction of EMC Elect was not proceeding at the pace we believed it should.

So just like the band U2 did which led to amazing album “Achtung Baby!”, the EMC Elect is going back to its beginnings.  With the imminent Dell merger we will be focusing on that journey but allowing the EMC Elect, who represent the best of the best of the EMC Community, to tell the authentic story of that journey. The EMC Elect continues to be the program that stands for the community, by the community. And yes we did offer an honorary position to Michael Dell. But who could say that Michael Dell does not represent the EMC Community. In fact he has put his faith in EMC and has influenced the direction of EMC. As has every member of the EMC Elect past and current. (perhaps not as noticeably  as Michael Dell has recently🙂 )

The shortened list and missing names may prove a shock to some. But pay close attention. This is an exclusive and highly coveted recognition from EMC. Judging was really tough as I am sure the judges will share, it was harsh, judgment was not swift🙂 There was a lot of discussion, evaluation and research. But in the end the judges made their decision. And thats final for this round. And just like the Oscars (kind of controversial these days)  I expect to hear from people asking why their EMC Community champion was not selected.

I promise you however, that EMC Elect in 2016 is going to be exciting. This community’s membership will be the ones you will want to follow, watch and listen as they tell EMC’s story from the EMC Community’s perspective, representing the customer, the partner and the EMC employee . We may be smaller in number, but I assure you EMC Elect will be all the more powerful and relevant none the less.

And for those that did not make it this round, there will be other rounds for nominations. For those amazing EMC Elect members of 2015 and previously, even though you were not selected this time, remember once an EMC Elect, always an EMC Elect. And this year we will be just as focused on our Alumni as we are on the current members. And we have huge plans for EMC World. More to follow.

For now, congratulations to the EMC Elect of 2016.

Who will be the EMC Elect of 2016?

Who will be the EMC Elect of 2016? Well only those that nominate can decide.  EMC_Elect_Nominate

It will the 4th year for EMC Elect, and its hard to believe another year of the program has passed. But ut has and with recent announcments 2016 is shaping up to be the most compelling year for EMC.

And I believe the EMC Elect of 2016 are going to be ones with the exclusive access to tell that story, minus the spin and the FUD.

Nominations close on the 30th November at Midnight EST (US).

Do not let your favorite EMC knowledgable peer miss this exciting oppurtunity to join a very vibrant Technical community.

And to the EMC Elect of 2015, even though the sun is beginning to set on 2015, I want to thank you for the tremendous passion and commitment you have given to this community. Once EMC Elect, always EMC Elect. I sincerely thank you on behalf of EMC and the EMC community who are the true beneficiaries of the erudite content you share passionate and curious technology geeks! I really appreciate you all and it is an honour to faciliate the program.

And the very best of luck to all those nominated for the EMC Elect of 2016.

Now don’t delay, time is short. :Nominate:

While I’ve been away

Just an update for the few who are wondering where I have been.

Well if you follow me on twitter you know I have been travelling a bit. VMWorld US 2015 was intense and if I get the time I will write up how that went. New York, attending the CSE 2015 conference asa panelist was fun and I also  learned a lot while I was there. Again, if I ever get time I will flesh that exprerience out on a post. One thing I have been doing that is a completeley out of my depth adventure is podcasting. It’s not as easy as others make it look. But I really enjoy it. I have kicked off the EMC Elect podcast Tech sElect. You cann appriase what we have done with it by listening on Soundcloud or iTunes. For your listening pleasure I have embeded the firsto of the podcasts here:

Thanks to @Erichagstrom and his go pro, you can watch and listen here:

While doing all this, I ‘ve challenged myself further and begun a Diploma in Data Business which is the beginning of a Masters. With that being a dad, with school runs in force etc and atteempting to have a life is currently very interesting.

One thing I will say, is that putting the podcast together, the Diploma course and conversations on my business travel have made me reflect on the IT sector. My self and another genlteman, who shall remain nameless, but is in the same Industry none the less, are planning to build out a podcast that facilitates the groundforce customers in telling thier stories and what they see in the industry. Its a work in progress. But we want to give real customers a voice, vendor agnostically, to hear the truth about IT as it really is. No hacks nor punditry. And to be honest, it may not even see the light of day. Its not as if I don’t have enought to do already. and VMWorld Europe looms large indeed.

I had to force myself to make this post, but am glad I did. Even if no one reads it, it helps me galvanise my thoughts. Safe travels, all, until my next post.



Up next, a panel discusson on strategies to grow and maintain a successful Social Community


So yes its been a while, but I have been busy. Leading the EMC Elect has been a very involving, challenging but definitely fulfilling role so far. Its been a busy summer, with a vacation to fit in, and lots of family stuff.  Its been fun, even if the weather has not.

Anyway, I head to New York next week as an invited speaker on a panel at the Customer Service Experience 2015 conference. The Panel will discuss “Strategies to Grow and Maintain a Successful Social Community” 

Even though I am now fully fledged in a Social Marketing role, My experience in customer service stretches back 15 years. And it continues in that marketing role.

My invite came on the back of my applying to thisconference to speak about EMC’s Ask the Expert Program which I created and developed, when I was working in the Customer Service division in EMC.  Its not exactly my first panel discussion. I participated in my very first one back in 2012 at EMC World. But I was surrounded by EMC Community Network Legends. This time I am on my own. I hope to be a ltlle less nervous than I was then, but probably will be just as nervous.

And while this is going on I am planning EMC Elect stuff for VMWorld 2015. So busy at hyper speed. But you’ll here plenty about that in due course.  Between v0dge ball team formation, VMunderground sponsorship and EMC Elect’s new pod cast launch its crazy busy. But it’s things Iam passionate about, so its all joy.

An overdue blog post

I just wanted to share that I have been very busy in my new role and regrefully have not blogged for quite a while. This post comes to you from the Claifornian Coast in San Diego.  From the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Coast I have travelled.  I was attending  Csco Live and it was a great show and I achieved a lot.

Anyway, I have not been silent, I am tweeting away, recording podcasts, which I started at Cisco Live and pretty focused on EMC Elect.

Here’s a list of content I have been sharing elesewhere🙂

EMC Elect at EMC World 2015

EMC Elect on Tap Pod Casts

Now with that out of the way I have been thinking of late about this blog, my own personal brand and generally how to disrupt before I get disrupted!🙂 I am considering n overhaul of the content I share here and even the whole look and feel . Just to improve things from my perspective and to imorove things for readers too.

I have no plan as yet, just ruminating really. None the less I have not gone away nor has this blog.

But rest assured, I the human behind this keyboard, yeah me is not changing. I am still my authentic self who believes that that Community is not ony vital but the only way to succeed in endeavour.

Until next time, Mind yourselves and thrive in your endeavours.