Up next, a panel discusson on strategies to grow and maintain a successful Social Community


So yes its been a while, but I have been busy. Leading the EMC Elect has been a very involving, challenging but definitely fulfilling role so far. Its been a busy summer, with a vacation to fit in, and lots of family stuff.  Its been fun, even if the weather has not.

Anyway, I head to New York next week as an invited speaker on a panel at the Customer Service Experience 2015 conference. The Panel will discuss “Strategies to Grow and Maintain a Successful Social Community” 

Even though I am now fully fledged in a Social Marketing role, My experience in customer service stretches back 15 years. And it continues in that marketing role.

My invite came on the back of my applying to thisconference to speak about EMC’s Ask the Expert Program which I created and developed, when I was working in the Customer Service division in EMC.  Its not exactly my first panel discussion. I participated in my very first one back in 2012 at EMC World. But I was surrounded by EMC Community Network Legends. This time I am on my own. I hope to be a ltlle less nervous than I was then, but probably will be just as nervous.

And while this is going on I am planning EMC Elect stuff for VMWorld 2015. So busy at hyper speed. But you’ll here plenty about that in due course.  Between v0dge ball team formation, VMunderground sponsorship and EMC Elect’s new pod cast launch its crazy busy. But it’s things Iam passionate about, so its all joy.

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