A new dawn on the 7th September

First of all, my sincere apologies for not posting in over several months. My blog fell to way side with family, work and study. And I apologise. I’m also mad at myself for not continuing to post, because I do have lots to share and talk about. But let me just focus on today, because it is indeed a bittersweet day in my career.

Its’s the end of an era for EMC, and for me. I have been an EMC employee since the 5th January 2005.


Its been an amazing an amazing 11 years, 8 months and day and half :). EMC was the makings of my career. Its been a great company to me. Its been hard work, challenging, but I have loved every minute of it. I have had great managers, mentors and colleagues and customers. Many great people I have encountered. I have made many great friendships, that I will cherish to my dying day. And thanks to EMC I got see Athens, Berlin, Barcelona, Vegas (far too many times), San Francisco ( never enough times), Orlando and San Diego. And I almost forgot Kalkar, in Germany.

Travel aside, what is really important to me to point out about EMC, is the fact that I learned what it meant to be maniacally focused on our Customers success. This lives with me as does having ambition, tenacity and a focus on your team, peers and customers that is akin to family. EMC gave me the oppurtunity to focus on Community, to embrace the Social Media revolution and the oppurtunity to build Community focused programs.

My proudest achievements are my family of course. I’m blessed with a wonderful wife, daughter and son (in order of first appearances :)) . My proudest achievements at EMC of course will be the  EMC Ask the Expert program and the EMC Elect program. Not because I built them. No its because I helped bring together a community of people to help build and sustain them.


This is not goodbye, this is a new dawn for my career, and those many people at Dell and EMC. A new Company is being born. And for my part I will continue to build on my achievements  and serving my colleagues, customers and partners. I am currently attending a Irish Management Institute / University College Cork for a Masters in Business Data. I am focusing on measuring the ROI of influencer engagment, and it’s yielding some really valuable results. And it could not come at a better time as the biggest merger in tech history completes. Dell EMC is a new company, one that I am very, very excited about and to be part of. The family has gotten a whole lot bigger. its exciting times. And you will be hearing more from me, as I focus on Business Data. I’ll have lots to share. And there is going to be plenty of information coming out about the new Dell – EMC company. But for now, Thank you to EMC, to Joe Tucci, and the many other executives, managers, colleagues, customers and partners for making my time at EMC the best and most fulfilling time in my career to date. #Iwork4Dell




One thought on “A new dawn on the 7th September

  1. Mark, my fave song lyrics (which I find that I’m using quite often recently): Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end (credit: Semisonic). Enjoy the ride!

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