Want to meet your favourite Dell EMC influencer in person?


Are you still trying to convince your boss to send you to Dell EMC World in May?

Are you hovering over the decision to head to a convention in the desert that you’re not sure will answer your questions about what you want to know Dell EMC?

Well we have something that might convince you, that includes, exclusive access, exclusive networking opportunities, and direct conversation with your the top person you follow for Dell EMC insights and information. 

If you Register before the 14th of April with a specific code, you could meet that person in the flesh, and get to meet them with other key influencers in the Community space at Dell EMC World in Las Vegas in May. Not only that but, you’ll get to accompany them to the keynotes and get exclusive seating. Couple that with having your influencer right in front of you to ask those questions you always wanted to ask in person. And you get to do it while Networking with the top Dell EMC World influencers. Does that convince you?

So how do I do this you ask?


  1. Go to the List here and select your influencer and their twitter handle.
  2. Tweet at them saying that you’re registering to meet them there at #DellEMCWorld.
  3. They will reply to you with a specific registration code which you use to register. 
  4. You then register with that code before the 14th of April, 2017. (We use this code to track registrations against the influencer you select)
  5. If you and 19 others chose this influencer and register for Dell EMC World by April 14th, we’ll ensure said influencer gets registered and will be there to meet you in person. 

So go ahead now, head to the list, tweet them, and get that registration code, get registered before April 14th.

Some of the influencers will be registered already, they will let you know if they are and suggest other influencers who are not.

Some terms and conditions but no sneaky stuff:

Only when fully registered will your code count towards your selected influencer.

A minimum of 20 completed registrations by April 14th, 2017, is required to ensure your selected influencer will attend. Each influencer who has twenty

VIP keynote seating may be limited on particular days, but we will do our best to get you and the influencers in the best seats that are available.

You get to meet your influencer in person, but remember we want them back before curfew 🙂

If you have any additional questions, add a comment here, or message me on twitter @DathBrun

2 thoughts on “Want to meet your favourite Dell EMC influencer in person?

  1. Hey Mark,

    Your link to the influencers list above leads to a dead link: (The item does not exist. It may have been deleted.).

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