Dell EMC Elect begins!

Well its official. No longer behind the scenes, EMC Elect and the Dell Tech Centre Rockstars have joined forces to create the Dell EMC Elect program.

Dell EMC Elect is a community-driven recognition and thank you for individual’s engagement with Dell EMC as a brand over the last calendar year.

Its bitter sweet for me as  it hails the end of an era I started out on with Matt Brender. I remain as Matt has moved on but admittedly much has changed since the merger. EMC Elect was a dream come true for me. Mainly because it was about recognising the people who did great things for EMC and made me a even more of a fan of EMC. I have established great relationships with people in this program and true friendships that are lasting.  Each EMC Elect member has done great things, for EMC, themselves, and their own companies.

We have quite the social impression at conferences, and just look at twitter images under #EMCElect and you will see the impact, comrade and fun EMC Elect was.

It was fantastic. and joining forces with the Dell Tech Centre Rockstars, the group that Matt  and I took inspiration from to create the EMC Elect, seems to have the hallmarks of a great destiny.

EMC Elect was good for me too, it made me challenge myself, look at how to do things better for community, and deal with the pressures of herding engineers:) Herding cats is a breeze by comparison . Just kidding! ……Sort of! 🙂 However, it did help me find out that influencer marketing does have an ROI that yields, revenue, business growth and reputation in the industry. Thats a pretty big deal.

In any event, nominations open today, the 28th February. You have until March 17th, to nominate. Its a short time so don’t delay.

Nominate your peer in the Enterprise sector of IT that knows their Dell EMC technology.

And jump to our Community page to find out more about the new Dell EMC Elect program.

And of course raise a glass to the EMC Elect from 2013 -2016. Hail to you all, a tremendous bunch of geeks. And I mean that with the utmost respect.


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