It’s Official: Announcing the EMC Elect of 2016



Well the announcement is out. The Official EMC Elect List for 2016 is out.

This post will explain some of the changes and perhaps surprises seen in this list.

EMC Elect is a community-driven recognition and thank you for individual’s engagement with EMC as a brand over the last calendar year. And its always been very exclusive! In 2016 its become very, very exclusive. In fact the number of members has reduced from 102 to 72. This is not due to a fall in interest in the program by any means. This time around we opened the nominations for the month of November in 2015. We had just over 700 nominees, our biggest yet. And it was the shortest window for nominations we have held.

The main reason the numbers have reduced is due to the Judges, who are all members of the Community of Elect in 2015, and myself agreeing that things have changed. And that perhaps the excitement and direction of EMC Elect was not proceeding at the pace we believed it should.

So just like the band U2 did which led to amazing album “Achtung Baby!”, the EMC Elect is going back to its beginnings.  With the imminent Dell merger we will be focusing on that journey but allowing the EMC Elect, who represent the best of the best of the EMC Community, to tell the authentic story of that journey. The EMC Elect continues to be the program that stands for the community, by the community. And yes we did offer an honorary position to Michael Dell. But who could say that Michael Dell does not represent the EMC Community. In fact he has put his faith in EMC and has influenced the direction of EMC. As has every member of the EMC Elect past and current. (perhaps not as noticeably  as Michael Dell has recently 🙂 )

The shortened list and missing names may prove a shock to some. But pay close attention. This is an exclusive and highly coveted recognition from EMC. Judging was really tough as I am sure the judges will share, it was harsh, judgment was not swift 🙂 There was a lot of discussion, evaluation and research. But in the end the judges made their decision. And thats final for this round. And just like the Oscars (kind of controversial these days)  I expect to hear from people asking why their EMC Community champion was not selected.

I promise you however, that EMC Elect in 2016 is going to be exciting. This community’s membership will be the ones you will want to follow, watch and listen as they tell EMC’s story from the EMC Community’s perspective, representing the customer, the partner and the EMC employee . We may be smaller in number, but I assure you EMC Elect will be all the more powerful and relevant none the less.

And for those that did not make it this round, there will be other rounds for nominations. For those amazing EMC Elect members of 2015 and previously, even though you were not selected this time, remember once an EMC Elect, always an EMC Elect. And this year we will be just as focused on our Alumni as we are on the current members. And we have huge plans for EMC World. More to follow.

For now, congratulations to the EMC Elect of 2016.

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