EMC at Oracle Open World: chronicling EMC Elect’s part in its success. Part 2 of 3

Wow so Day 2 started in the early am. I actually had a semi sleepless night. It’s just hard for me to rest easy in a hotel room.

Anyhow we had the key note  at 8:30 am and it was brilliant. Especially migrating humans via VPLEX 🙂

As Fun as it was to do a trick with twins it really was a perfect demonstration of what you can actually do with your Data Center with VPLEX.

image image image

They Key note was a cool  highlight of the day, but the EMC Elect continued to interact. In fact we decided to do some missions of fun to show the lighter side of community.

We took on a mission, @mjbrender @vrobm and  I, for an impromptu meet up at the Sweet Shop. We wanted to show how EMC Elect collaborate to build vital new things, like cup cakes 🙂

I think we agreed that operation cup cake was a success, for those of us with a sweet tooth. They were indeed delicious.

Later we caught up with @virtualchappy, a fellow EMC Elect member and it was good to get a #chappyhug and catch up. And then for more fun we scarfed him and others. Operation scarfed was another fun mission as can be seen by the tweets we pushed out. Again, just some social community fun etc.

Finally we decided to relax and enjoy a Pint at the Netapp bar 🙂

All in all a good fun social thing for the Elect. With emphasis on the community spirit and a bit of required levity. This show is massive and the EMC booth is beautiful and busy, constantly.

All in all day 2 was great, for EMC, some fun for the EMC Elect and a little controversy for Oracle’s Larry Ellison, who missed his keynote. Something to do with the America’s cup allegedly. But hey the Oracle American team is making one hell of a comeback against New Zealand  so who could blame him 🙂

Anyway day 2 finished off with the EMC, Cisco and Intel customer appreciation event. I’m sure Sean aka @sthulin got plenty of photos which he will share.

So day 3 is coming up. More to come

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