EMC at Oracle Open World: chronicling EMC Elect’s part in its success. Part 3 of 3

Well this post is actually being written back in Bantry Bay,  having made it through the gauntlet of 3 flights, back to back,  from San Francisco to Cork. I got here before my suitcase too by a day, which was irksome but otherwise fine.

Anyway, day 3 was a winding down of Oracle Open World as in the last day of the show floor booth demos.  Not that we noticed any let up in the crowds coming by the EMC booth 🙂

In any event the EMC Elect members took upon a challenge to attend an Oracle demo on Cloud Infrastructure. Matt Brender, Rob Markovic and I listened to the Oracle Engineer talk about the offering from Oracle. We confessed that there was not a DBA between us and that our skew was somewhat storage specific. But in fairness to the Engineer he did share the storage management benefits. Following that demo, we three sat down and decided to discuss the demo we attended over twitter. The idea was to do fun sharing but also to discuss what we learned and seek others opinions and Subject Matter expertise.  It worked and @cacheflush chimed in with some context. this was a seminal conversation as you will see below.

It shows that the EMC Elect members can share what they have learned and draw others into a community conversation in a live environment. We’ll try and utilize this a lot more and improve it of course. But it certainly was educational and fun.

Then At 2:30 pm a Sea of EMC Fans gathered for a grand prize draw outside the booth. Yes, EMC scarf wearing Fans 🙂

That was a great event and a good culminating one for the week. Those scarfs also came in handy for Oracle Open World Customer appreciation party. That was a pretty good event with some great headline acts. It’s a pity Larry Ellison did not make it to it, but he must have been exhausted after winning the Americas Cup:) Congratulations to the US team.

Later a few of us adjourned to Tornados, a “quiet” watering hole in San Francisco . We reminisced, and reflected on our Oracle Open World experience. And openly engaged in  some banter. All in all for a first foray into Oracle Open World, I think we had a highly successful show. Indeed we brought a lot of attention to EMC Elect, we even saw increases in nominations for the 2014 EMC Elect. A clear sign that the word is getting out and that people want their peers recognized.

I am glad I attended, I am delighted with the experience I had and what I could do to bring more attention on the EMC Elect. I am rather pleased Matt and I did this video:

And I would encourage those following this series of posts to consider nominating people for the EMC Elect of 2014.

Nominate here: http://emc.im/YWyPI6

Thanks for following this series of posts. I appreciate all readers taking the time to follow this and please, feel free to comment. Add your views on how you think this event went for us. And share what you’d like to see at future events.  I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time……..

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