EMC at Oracle Open World: chronicling EMC Elect’s part in its success. Part 1 of 3

So I’m back. Back blogging. Back in the US, San Francisco in fact  at Oracle Open World 2013.  I have been really busy with EMC Ask the Expert following the recent EMC #emcspeedtolead campaign introducing VNX2 and announcing the GA of VIPR, the software defined data solution.

In any event, here I am in the City by the the bay with my com-padre in all #EMCElect Mr. Matt Brender. The sheer size and dynamic of Oracle Open World, henceforth (at least this time round) know as #oow13. Matt and I are talking our time in hitting our stride with EMC Elect today. We’re socializing, brainstorming and doing EMC TV stuff as well as amplifying the message via #EMCElect and on the ECN in the EMC Elect space.

The EMC booth was busy today, really busy.  This was just the booth prep.  and here we have a shot of Mr Brender briefing the extensive EMC team on EMC Elect and social engagement.



It was good to get an opportunity to give the briefing, as with so much going on and the sheer size of the conference with well over 50,000 attendees, amplifying #EMC Elect is going to be a challenge. But it is one we accept all too willingly.

And so Matt and I have been dividing the work between us of conquering Oracle Open World, not to be a conqueror but to amplify the Community we have been entrusted to represent.

While only 4 EMC Elect members are present this year, we are still  including those online. I created a thread in the EMC Elect Private area inviting members of the Elect to pose questions to the Technical hosts from EMC who would be appearing on EMC TV.

As well as that we are encouraging future EMC Elect members to declare themselves to us in person to get a ticket to our customer appreciation event tomorrow.


And the booth just continued to be busy. I shot through at 4pm in order to do some backlog work on Ask the Expert and catch up with the work I left behind. I have been in the US for over a week already. You know the trouble with success, is that success brings more work and pressure. And it’s exacerbated being away from home and family. But it’s fulfilling too, bringing attention to the vibrant and magnificent community of the EMC Elect.

Tomorrow starts early.  Joe Tucci and Jerremy Burton will be giving an early keynote, which will prove to be awesome. And the #EMCElect shall be stirring up some interest indeed. And our customer appreciation event will certainly be the envy of all others. More to come. And yes I will be keeping my promise this time. It’s a series of blogs on #oow13.

Oh yes here are some awesome shots of our booth.

EMC at #oow13

EMC at #oow13image

Meet the expertsEMC Booth Prep #oow13


2 thoughts on “EMC at Oracle Open World: chronicling EMC Elect’s part in its success. Part 1 of 3

    • We had smaller signage at Oracle Open World for Elect. Given our lessened presence there the focus was to Network with peers, and build interest by Social Media missions.
      But signage for nominations etc was around the booth area. these were smaller placards. Still we had great interest in EMC Elect and surprisingly we had 6 Elect members at Oracle Open World. Which is 3 more than we expected.

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