7 benefits of Social Community Participation

7 Reasons to Join the EMC Community Network – Infographic

7 Reasons to Join the EMC Community Network – Infographic

This Info-graphic tells a compelling story of community engagement benefits  that really emphasizes what I have been passionate about and blogging for. It really is a great success story for EMC’s community and social engagement.  Our support Community in EMC, since I joined it 7 years ago as a community Manager, has been on an immense and engaging journey. Its made excellent and possible by the massive community membership engagement that happens every day.

It seems like a life time since our humble beginnings on the EMC PowerLink platform. But how it has grown! From a closed limited member participation to the busiest community on the ECN with a membership well over 250,000 +, the EMC Support Community has thrived. It supports a massive portfolio of products and services and is a premier global support platform with Multilingual offerings to native Chinese, Japanese and Spanish speakers.  And the supported languages will keep growing.

But despite all its rapid and expanding development as a platform customers and partners depend on, the fundamentals of the Support community still apply. It’s about the people, the community of peers and the trust that is within that community. That’s what drew me in and keeps me going. Its a fantastic community. Thanks to @stephmcbride for making this info-graphic happen.

Feel free to comment and share your stories on my blog or better yet on the Support Community. We’d love to hear from you. 


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