Representing EMC Elect at Cisco Live US 2013

I am delighted to be going to Orlando this weekend to attend Cisco Live US 2013 aka #CLUS

I will be doing two things that will excite me. First travelling to the Orlando Florida, never did it before. Second, representing the EMC Elect. So happy to be doing so. So why is the EMC Elect going to Cisco Live US?

Well Cisco Live is a Tier 1 event focused on the networking and data center community. One of our esteemed EMC Elect members Michael Leeper  will be presenting there.

And Cisco Live is an important event to represent the EMC Elect at to provide  our Elect members coverage on technology developments in Cisco.

We are also providing an opportunity of “Convergence”. We are bringing EMC Elect, CCIE’s and Cisco Learning Network members who are attending #CLUS together to converge conversations about Network Compute and Storage. These are exciting times for Big Data, Networking and Cloud Computing. All of which the EMC Elect has a stake in. Its an exciting meetup I am looking forward to.

As well as covering Michael’s  presentation I shall be sharing a conversation or two with another esteemed EMC Elect member Craig Chapman. I look forward to many #chappychats and conversations around our “convergence” theme.

I also look forward to meeting up with Cisco’s Amy Lewis and J Metz and conversing with them upon the theme of “convergence”. And most of all it is fantastic to be amongst such brilliant astute and very honest people. That’s what EMC Elect has brought its community. It has brought great community driven personalities who are technology focused together. And it is done in a community focused spirit. 

So let me set the  stage for the “converged” conversation we will be conducting at Cisco Live US 2013.

Well actually its not me, its EMC’s Jonas Rosland, Craig Chapman, VCE’s Jeremiah Dooley & Cisco’s J Metz talking Cloud Automation with EMC, Cisco and VCE.

So if you are attending Cisco Live Us in Orlando in 2013, I look forward to meeting you, be it for the first time or once again, in person or online.


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