Fog City: a short movie I am helping get made (with your help?)

Fog City

I myself did not become alive, until I discovered my invisibility.” That was the quote from Liam Edward Brady that grabbed my attention. It hit the nail on the head for me. I was at the time in a process of self discovery, trying to understand who I was, coming to terms with turning 40. (I am still on that journey and almost 41 yikes!)

Fog City is an inspired short movie from Director Liam Brady.

The plot: “An amateur ballplayer makes a strange discovery on the beach and spends his otherwise ordinary day navigating a distressing moral gray area.”

Through the movie we follow Jimmy Darcy and how his experiences influence his perspective.

This project came to my attention through Liz O’Neal, a colleague and friend. She announced she was producing the movie. An awesome opportunity for such a bright incisive and intelligent lady. So I figured I’d throw some money at it through Seeds & Sparks, which is being used as a site that helps Independent Movies raise funds to get made. Its a community driven service. I didn’t have that much to throw at it but did what I could.

But the more I read about the movie and talked to Liz about it, the more I wanted to see the movie get made. I wanted to contribute more than money. So now I am acting as an Advisory Project Manager for Fog City. I am assisting in Project Managing by advising on best practices for planning, resources management, budgetary controls. I’m the guy with the Gant Chart. Its’ the boring part, but I am good at it and it helps get the movie made.

What drew me in too was the huge Irish American connection to this movie. The director  Liam, has an Irish passport, Liz is a Irish American and even the lead character has an Irish American background. The United Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco is lending huge support behind the movie.

Now as late as I am to the party I am going to try and get this movie to have its International Premier, in Cork. 

But in order for that to happen the movie has to be made. We have just less than six days left to raise $32,480.

We’re 45% there having raised $15,078.

But we really need help. I would love to see funding come from individuals in Ireland who would like to see this movie made. I appreciate times are extremely tough out there. But for those who can spare $10 or more as a donation or loan ( Seeds and Spark is a pretty flexible way of raising funds) it would be greatly received. Plus you can get anything from a postcard from the set to being named an Associate Producer, depending on ho much you donate or loan.

I do hope we can see funding come from the Irish Community. This is a great movie that has to be made in my view. And if you do help us hit our target on time I promise I will move heaven and earth to have the film have an international premier in Cork .  That would be an awesome culmination of a community based short film. And I am sure Liam, Liz, cast and crew would love the excuse to visit their ancestral home.  Plus I sincerely believe the subject matter will hit home and resonate with a lot of people in Ireland (and around the World) . if you feel as I do please contribute. And thank you for reading this post.

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