EMC Community Support Forums: recognition of our Community champions

My role in EMC is changing. That’s not what I am blogging about though. It’s about what EMC eServices are doing to recognize, empower and reward our most valuable contributors in the Support Forums. Now it’s not like we have not been doing this already. We have. And we have even got them together to talk about what it’s like to be a champion in the Support Forums. See here: Meet the Support Forums MVPs

But we are expanding the program to include more people and recognize those that are the superheroes in the Forums. Nothing as yet is set in stone. But here are some ideas around what it will entail. Such people would be recognized and empowered. We would highlight them, give them a voice via blogging, vlogs as well as traditional discussions. We would reward these people with early beta release testing rights, educational credits, access to exclusive groups with other MVP’s and developers. We would invite these individuals to EMC events in their local areas. We would ask such individuals to participate in our Ask the Expert program, answering questions from other customers in a special live events and online.

It’s cool this is shaping up. And it’s great that EMC is bringing a sharper focus to the Support Forums, recognizing the people who make it such a great and powerful community. And I am absolutely fired up that I am a part of making it happen. In the coming weeks I will have more about this and what it entails. And it won’t just be about customers. This will include employees of EMC too in all areas. Pat Gelsinger described EMC, shortly after he joined the company, as extremely customer focused. How very true. It’s my intention to advocate the Support Forums as a communication channel to all people working in EMC who communicate with customers. Which is as Pat Gelsinger says, all of us.

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