Thank you Steve Jobs!

It was through the traditional Medium of the wireless radio while driving at 9am this morning in West Cork that I heard the awfully sad news of Steve Jobs passing. We have lost a luminary to be sure. I was never fortunate enough to meet the man. But I am an ex Digital Equipment Corporation Employee. You can’t have worked there and not have heard of him and the legendary story of the mouse.

He certainly revolutionized technology and changed our lives. I am late to Apple technology, but when I bought the iPad I am writing this blog post on I got the experience. The staff talked about how Steve liked to make things simple and elegant right down to the packaging. The staff there revered the guy, it was extraordinary to hear a CEO being talked about by staff at a store. But that’s Apple. The Apple that Steve Jobs built.
I am sure the staff there are in bits at the news. He will be missed by the world, but most especially by his family. My deepest sympathies goes to to them.

Forbes have put together this tribute video (linked below) to honor Steve Jobs. It includes EMC’s own Howard Elias speaking about him.

Thank you Steve Jobs for all you have done for technology and the people that it helped and continues to do so.

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