Wrapping up 2011 and into 2012 on the EMC Support Community

I felt it proper and right that I at least post once more before 2011 is finished.

I wanted to share some big news for EMC Support Forums. On December 23rd we launched the EMC Support Community Ask the Expert Series. 
The Series will be events where EMC product experts will  host dedicated hot support discussion topics on the Support Forums . The Introductory video is done by me (explains a bit more) and can be seen here: http://community.emc.com/videos/2506
This will be a big program for the Support Forums at EMC in 2012.

 I wanted to give a great shout out for @mjbrender, @sthulin and Mike Chelotti of EMC for helping get the taster/ teaser video out as quickly as they did. It was great work. See the video here: https://community.emc.com/videos/2499

It’s exciting stuff and will enhance the experience of the EMC Support Community. Keep an eye out for the events as they are scheduled in 2012, it will be informative and fun. Also in 2012 we will be revamping the Most Valuable Player Program for the EMC Support Forums. It is now no longer a competition for the status. It will be a recognition of those who steadfastly help the Support Community in EMC by answering their questions and contributing content to the Support Forums. We intend to recognize more people with this status, expanding the program. With recognition will come benefits for those people. It’s still in the creation phase but in the early weeks of 2012 we will be wrapping that up and getting it rolled out to the Community as soon as possible.

I can’t believe 2011 is almost over. the Year flew for me. It was hectically busy with highs and lows and creamy middles 🙂 It was a huge year for EMC. 2012 promises to be very challenging, but I am really looking forward to it.  With the news above shared all that’s left for me to say is Happy New Year and thanks for reading my blog. I am still learning the ropes from a blogging perspective. It’s been fun. Stay safe, be well have a great holiday, whatever is left of it 🙂

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