EMC Online Support Community Ask the Expert Launches today

I am delighted that the EMC Ask the Expert events are now off the ground. I meant to get a blog post together to post about it, but it’s been a crazy week and weekend making sure everything was in place to make it a go for launch. Thankfully my illustrious colleague @sthulin has posted a blog describing the program in great detail. He has been very flattering to me (I think undeservedly, the guys answering the questions are doing the bulk of the work). What he omitted tell you in his blog is that it was he who masterminded this video including the editing.

This was a great job. So it is now up and running. Our first event for this initiative can be found here:

Ask the Expert: VNXe front-end Network Configurations with VMware

 Do drop by out of interest or indeed to ask a question regarding this topic. It is the first of many topics we intend to cover across all of EMC’s product range. I hope you’ll see that the EMC Support Community is a vibrant one with many excellent people who are happy to interact and engage with you on your technical EMC questions.

Do enjoy and please let us know what you think of the program. Your feedback is important.

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