The Evolution of Social relationships:

Does Social Media smash the rule  about mixing business and pleasure?
 As ever I am a busy person. But I am due a post and this topic has been on my mind. I suddenly realized the importance of Social tools while following “Making Social Part of Your DNA” on Feburary 16th.
Social Media week has made me  me think of my own social development over the last 12 months, and how it has integrated into not only my work, but my life. For me social tools and Social Media has insidiously slipped into my life. I have made true and real friendships with it though and that surprised me when I thought about it. It was the indomitable @nerdblurt that started me really understanding that in the twitter sphere. Almost unconsciously I’ve made dinner plans with friends and colleagues using twitter and Facebook, FourSquare, Linked In, TripIt. It’s a second nature thing but suddenly today I had a better appreciation of my Social Media integration.  
Mind you, Facebook is my least favorite Social Media tool and not somewhere I engage very often. (I’m still smarting from the Farmville invite craze 🙂 

In any event I have seen Social Media as very much part of my social life DNA. And the consequences of real Social Media relationships is more apparent to me in 2012.
 Looking into my work at EMC it is ever so apparent. Working with @mjbrender, @sthulin,& @henriwithani as you will note in my previous blog post we launched #EMCAskTheExpert . But that collaboration has enabled us to further our working relationship and bring forth some cool ideas for EMC World 2012 🙂 
 Yes it’s that time of the year again!  EMC World is looming and Ask the Expert will be coming to it in 2012. The gents mentioned above and I are putting together an exciting plan to engage at the conference and online.It’s going to be cool!
More on this in subsequent posts. But what I want to emphasize here is the relationships I am building through Social Media. These guys are colleagues, one is also a customer and we have or are beginning a friendship. Behind Social Media is of course real people. It’s just amazing at how it has come about. Or rather how  the tools enable collaboration and grass roots effort like never before.
I was also  reading an EMC colleague’s blog ( @SuzySpaatz ) today. Her latest post about the year of Social business is good food for thought from the business perspective of Social. We do have to move from Social Experimentation to  Social business. And I think at EMC we are starting to get our arms around that. But for me the business / personal division is blurry, in surprising and exciting ways. While it makes sense I thought it was worth pointing out, even if it is just to myself 🙂

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