On Leaving Face Book

The Following was the penultimate post I logged on Facebook before I deleted my account:

Long post ahead. Its 1:45 am, 4th January and I have decided to close off my Facebook account. I’m in the process of downloading my content. I am not doing it because I dislike Facebook. I like it a lot. Perhaps too much. I do have concerns for free speech and the corporations alliances with extreme Leftist liberal leaning people and governments and vested interests who want to control things because they know better than the rest of us. Granted thats my perspective. But really it’ not that important or whats driving me to do this.. The real reason for giving up Facebook is that its too easy to the point of being a pavlovian behaviour to keep in touch with people.

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A new dawn on the 7th September

First of all, my sincere apologies for not posting in over several months. My blog fell to way side with family, work and study. And I apologise. I’m also mad at myself for not continuing to post, because I do have lots to share and talk about. But let me just focus on today, because it is indeed a bittersweet day in my career.

Its’s the end of an era for EMC, and for me. I have been an EMC employee since the 5th January 2005.


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Saint Patrick and Liber Pater, a brilliant coincidence

On this day, the 17th March, around the world, the feast day of Saint Patrick is celebrated. Saint Patrick is the legendary Saint of Ireland, who came here a slave, learned the language and customs of Ireland, escaped and returned bringing Christianity to Ireland.

He’s surrounded in legend, like banishing all the snakes from Ireland amongst other great deeds.


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Who will be the EMC Elect of 2016?

Who will be the EMC Elect of 2016? Well only those that nominate can decide.  EMC_Elect_Nominate

It will the 4th year for EMC Elect, and its hard to believe another year of the program has passed. But ut has and with recent announcments 2016 is shaping up to be the most compelling year for EMC.

And I believe the EMC Elect of 2016 are going to be ones with the exclusive access to tell that story, minus the spin and the FUD.

Nominations close on the 30th November at Midnight EST (US).

Do not let your favorite EMC knowledgable peer miss this exciting oppurtunity to join a very vibrant Technical community.

And to the EMC Elect of 2015, even though the sun is beginning to set on 2015, I want to thank you for the tremendous passion and commitment you have given to this community. Once EMC Elect, always EMC Elect. I sincerely thank you on behalf of EMC and the EMC community who are the true beneficiaries of the erudite content you share passionate and curious technology geeks! I really appreciate you all and it is an honour to faciliate the program.

And the very best of luck to all those nominated for the EMC Elect of 2016.

Now don’t delay, time is short. :Nominate:

While I’ve been away

Just an update for the few who are wondering where I have been.

Well if you follow me on twitter you know I have been travelling a bit. VMWorld US 2015 was intense and if I get the time I will write up how that went. New York, attending the CSE 2015 conference asa panelist was fun and I also  learned a lot while I was there. Again, if I ever get time I will flesh that exprerience out on a post. One thing I have been doing that is a completeley out of my depth adventure is podcasting. It’s not as easy as others make it look. But I really enjoy it. I have kicked off the EMC Elect podcast Tech sElect. You cann appriase what we have done with it by listening on Soundcloud or iTunes. For your listening pleasure I have embeded the firsto of the podcasts here:

Thanks to @Erichagstrom and his go pro, you can watch and listen here:

While doing all this, I ‘ve challenged myself further and begun a Diploma in Data Business which is the beginning of a Masters. With that being a dad, with school runs in force etc and atteempting to have a life is currently very interesting.

One thing I will say, is that putting the podcast together, the Diploma course and conversations on my business travel have made me reflect on the IT sector. My self and another genlteman, who shall remain nameless, but is in the same Industry none the less, are planning to build out a podcast that facilitates the groundforce customers in telling thier stories and what they see in the industry. Its a work in progress. But we want to give real customers a voice, vendor agnostically, to hear the truth about IT as it really is. No hacks nor punditry. And to be honest, it may not even see the light of day. Its not as if I don’t have enought to do already. and VMWorld Europe looms large indeed.

I had to force myself to make this post, but am glad I did. Even if no one reads it, it helps me galvanise my thoughts. Safe travels, all, until my next post.



Up next, a panel discusson on strategies to grow and maintain a successful Social Community


So yes its been a while, but I have been busy. Leading the EMC Elect has been a very involving, challenging but definitely fulfilling role so far. Its been a busy summer, with a vacation to fit in, and lots of family stuff.  Its been fun, even if the weather has not.

Anyway, I head to New York next week as an invited speaker on a panel at the Customer Service Experience 2015 conference. The Panel will discuss “Strategies to Grow and Maintain a Successful Social Community” 

Even though I am now fully fledged in a Social Marketing role, My experience in customer service stretches back 15 years. And it continues in that marketing role.

My invite came on the back of my applying to thisconference to speak about EMC’s Ask the Expert Program which I created and developed, when I was working in the Customer Service division in EMC.  Its not exactly my first panel discussion. I participated in my very first one back in 2012 at EMC World. But I was surrounded by EMC Community Network Legends. This time I am on my own. I hope to be a ltlle less nervous than I was then, but probably will be just as nervous.

And while this is going on I am planning EMC Elect stuff for VMWorld 2015. So busy at hyper speed. But you’ll here plenty about that in due course.  Between v0dge ball team formation, VMunderground sponsorship and EMC Elect’s new pod cast launch its crazy busy. But it’s things Iam passionate about, so its all joy.

An overdue blog post

I just wanted to share that I have been very busy in my new role and regrefully have not blogged for quite a while. This post comes to you from the Claifornian Coast in San Diego.  From the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Coast I have travelled.  I was attending  Csco Live and it was a great show and I achieved a lot.

Anyway, I have not been silent, I am tweeting away, recording podcasts, which I started at Cisco Live and pretty focused on EMC Elect.

Here’s a list of content I have been sharing elesewhere 🙂

EMC Elect at EMC World 2015

EMC Elect on Tap Pod Casts

Now with that out of the way I have been thinking of late about this blog, my own personal brand and generally how to disrupt before I get disrupted! 🙂 I am considering n overhaul of the content I share here and even the whole look and feel . Just to improve things from my perspective and to imorove things for readers too.

I have no plan as yet, just ruminating really. None the less I have not gone away nor has this blog.

But rest assured, I the human behind this keyboard, yeah me is not changing. I am still my authentic self who believes that that Community is not ony vital but the only way to succeed in endeavour.

Until next time, Mind yourselves and thrive in your endeavours.


EMC Community Appreciation Event @ EMC World 2015 with very cool door prizes.

Well it is EMC World time again and we are throwing a customer appreciation event! What the heck, admit it to yourself, its your party for being an incredible member of the ECN community! And you deserve to be celebrated. Without you there would not be such a vibrant community.

If you popped over from the tweetvite then you know there are door prizes and you want the details !

And they are very cool prizes!  You will not want to miss the party for your chance to win one of these!


So are you salivating? Are you keen to celebrate with your fellow Community members in Vegas.

Then do not forget to “Register” for the party! Can’t wait to see you there.