VMWorld Attendance: Brief but important fly by


So this weekend I’m in Barcelona for a brief attendance of VMWorld. At the same time I’m here, I am launching my own business, Amoeba Connections and stepping into an entrepreneurial role. And where better to do that with than the VMWorld family.

Even though my company, focuses on e-commerce activities, the diversity of the VMWorld community led to conversations with people that were insightful and revealing and extremely helpful to me. I didn’t expect people to be interested in email marketing, or commercial products given their in the Enterprise space. But of course that was a silly assumption on my part.   Fred Nix told me years ago that VMWorld was like nothing else in connecting with people. This remains true to this day. This is not a Conference, its a family reunion.

And while I’m not working in the Enterprise space anymore, I’m still part and parcel of that community. And as it happens I’ll be posting some thoughts following a Blogger briefing by Cohesity shortly.

I have to leave too soon, but thats the life of an entrepreneur.    If you’re attending VMWorld and around The conference and events and want to catch up,   ping me on twitter @dathbrun.

Love to y’all.


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