Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Where have you been

This post was inspired by my good friend Luigi’s recent blog post on moving past failure 

And thanks to him I have paused from things I am doing and decided to finally climb back into my blog and explain my absence and how I myself am moving past failure.

Failure as Lugi pointed out is most certainly an an option and this post explains how I have failed and how I’m moving past it, albeit rather slowly from my perspective. I’ll also state that I’m absolutely delighted I failed and faltered and the oppurtunity it gave me.

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Want to meet your favourite Dell EMC influencer in person?


Are you still trying to convince your boss to send you to Dell EMC World in May?

Are you hovering over the decision to head to a convention in the desert that you’re not sure will answer your questions about what you want to know Dell EMC?

Well we have something that might convince you, that includes, exclusive access, exclusive networking opportunities, and direct conversation with your the top person you follow for Dell EMC insights and information.  Continue reading

On Leaving Face Book

The Following was the penultimate post I logged on Facebook before I deleted my account:

Long post ahead. Its 1:45 am, 4th January and I have decided to close off my Facebook account. I’m in the process of downloading my content. I am not doing it because I dislike Facebook. I like it a lot. Perhaps too much. I do have concerns for free speech and the corporations alliances with extreme Leftist liberal leaning people and governments and vested interests who want to control things because they know better than the rest of us. Granted thats my perspective. But really it’ not that important or whats driving me to do this.. The real reason for giving up Facebook is that its too easy to the point of being a pavlovian behaviour to keep in touch with people.

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