EMC World 2014 draws near

Well I have been remiss as usual with my blog. Its a tough journey with a blog. I am not as confident or proficient as I’d like to be. But for anyone who takes the time to read my posts I am immensely appreciative of it . Its been busy and hectic but if you follow #EMCELECT #EMCATE on twitter you’ll see we have been hard at work on both programs. And along comes EMC World once again. It comes along so fast. Its a short conference but a darned full agenda. It gets bigger every year. And this year will be no different.  I will be there in person once again, and I look forward to meeting old friends, making new ones and delivering a great experience to our Customers, Partners and all ECN community members in person (and online) at EMC World.

EMC Elect has grown slightly in numbers from 75 to 80. But you’ll note an exponential curve in Elect activities of late. And this will be no less so at EMC World. There is a full agenda for them and I fully intend to blog out updates as regularly as I can.

As said, follow #EMCELECT,  sign up for the EMC World vPass and pop a question on our Ask the Expert discussion:  What’s happening at EMC World 2014?

And if you’re still thinking about going, don’t hesitate. Register now🙂 and I look forward to meeting you there in person, or online .

Everybody wins at EMC World 2014. See you May 5-8 in Las Vegas!




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