EMC World 2014 in review: My perspective

Talk about a crazy schedule. I am actually writing this as I attend Cisco Live 2014!

Its been two weeks since EMC World but I have had barely any time to draw breath.  Such is the madness of back to back conferences.

Anyway I will summarize the activities I was involved with over the conference.

I had two roles at EMC World, one was to support the ECN Support Community at our booth. The other was with my partner in crime, Sean Thulin facilitating the 35  EMC Elect attending EMC World. So our journey from the EMC Elect perspective started on Sunday, with our March on Vegas:

EMC Elect arrive in Vegas

We Marched then onto the Wynn and had a well earned Brunch. On Monday we started settling in to the EMC Elect Lounge  and the first of the Elect members attending started to arrive.

Mr Koper settles in

On that Monday we did an exclusive  tour of the Supernap facility for the Elect members as well as the Cisco Champions an VMWare  Vexperts. That facility is state of the art, world leading and effectively geek technology porn. I challenge any technical person not to be rendered speechless on their first visit.

The Solutions Arcade at EMC World opened up on the Monday evening so I was between here and the EMC Elect lounge.

Day 2 was where it got really technical and valauble for the Elect when the series of Private briefings for the Elect got underway.

EMC Elect Private Briefing underway

These continued throughout the day. We also had  our live ATE Tweet Chat on Isilon. It was a busy day. And the evening was busy too with our EMC Community Network Customer Appreciation Event.

The first part of that night was exclusive to the EMC Elect members in attendance. And it gave Sean and I the opportunity to show our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all that the EMC Elect members have done. With that out of the way the rest of the crowd arrived and well just look on twitter for the resot of the photos from the Elect members. We had a ball and a well deserved celebration of the Elect program and the wider EMC Community Network membership. It was great catching up with people. and the highlight of it all for me was when Chad Sakac (yes he is an EMC Elect member) thanked me for the wonderful letter we sent out with the welcome kit. He loved it. And when such illustrious members of the community tell you that  you made them happy, its pure gold.

It certainly rounded out a brilliant day.


Day 3 was busy too. I spent the morning in our booth in the Solutions Arcade. And had some great discussions with customers about the Ask the Expert Program. Funnily enough every time I asked a customer what Products that was top in their portfolio it was always VNX. No other product was mentioned. It was funny. We had organised another Tour for Super Nap for those that could not make the first one. A good number of people made that. All their minds were geeked  out upon their return 🙂  And with that we had a welcome reception hosted in the EMC Elect Lounge. We welcomed the SAP Mentors, Cisco Champions and VMWare Vexperts.

EMC Elect Welcome reception

And that concluded things from an EMC Elect perspective. Except for one final community effort led by the gentleman and scholar Dave Henry. We did a mass group Water Walk  for the EMC gives back charity water campaign. Its a great charity and was a lot of fun doing it. It really summed up what the EMC Community Network and the EMC Elect is about. Helping people.

EMC Elect, Cisco Champions, VMWare Vexperts, Sap Mentors Mass Charity Water Walk

Now while my summary is short, rest assured the Elect were kept very busy. And you can see that by just looking at the content they shared out. Their feedback to me was that we outdid ourselves. They were impressed by the briefings, most of all. They relished the opportunity to talk as a group and get their questions to those giving the briefings. Sean and I were thrilled with their reaction. We worked to make it happen and special thanks has to go to Sean and Mary Kilgallen to get the logistics lined up.

We certainly put the Elect in an even better position which is only to the benefit of the community members. The Digital Experience booth was also successful getting a lot of feedback through their surveys which will only help to improve our Customer support experience in the future.

It was by far the busiest EMC World I was ever at. I worked hard, met so many people, made new connections, caught up with old ones.  Now when I get a minute I might get to blog about whats happening at Cisco Live 2014. But if you can’t wait, just lookup #EMCElect on twitter. 🙂

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