VMWare PEX 2014: EMC Elect’s legendary part in it!

This post comes to you from San Francisco as the VMWare Partner Exchange summit for 2014 is wrapping up.

It was a pretty hairy experience getting here but that’s another story.

EMC Elect is a program that facilitates a better connection between those who talk about EMC a lot and EMC itself. As the EMC Elect members are a trusted group it allowed us to invite them to a private partner boot camp on Feb 10th, headlined by Chad Sakac, who is as it happens an EMC Elect member.

It was very well attended and Chad shared lots of “Secret Sauce” to the partners and the EMC Elect. It was a packed day of content and we had a packed house of of an attentive and curious audience.

As well as the taking in the “awesome sauce” of a look under the hood at EMC’s road map and vision, some legendary fun was had that may have unintentionally created a rip  in the time space continuum.  But you knonw, this is how the EMC Elect roll 🙂

it was the EMC Elect twist on the #EMCselfie mission of the summit.

The EMC Elect were also invited to the Scale IO partners appreciation event which allowed for some refreshment, networking and catching up with old friends.

As well as the Road map and social opportunities, the EMC Elect were treated to a private Software Defined Services briefing held by Dave Nicholson.

This was a great briefing that led to a great blog post by EMC Elect member Brian Carpenter, after the details were announced to the public.


I am always humbled by the Rock star members  passion for this community that Matt Brender and I had the vision to build. When I look back I used to worry somewhat that we’d never get traction. But no worries are required. The members are a passionate community, that care and share. Such amazing people one and all. And it always fun and interesting to hang out with them

I’ll be heading home soon and many of the Elect are already on their way. But this post is to share the excitement, the passion and the value the EMC Elect community shares pretty much every single day. This always goes through the roof when you have a lot them around in person. And they hear this a lot from me, but I have to thank them.

Stay tuned to #EMCElect for more legendary adventures throughout 2014. 🙂

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