Welcoming the EMC Elect of 2014

Its hard to believe but yes, EMC Elect, that was officially announced on November 15th, 2012,  and launched January 15th 2013, has had a full year pass. It flew. And here we are now with the EMC Elect of 2014. The list is here Congratulations to all members. 

It was tough for the Nomination Selection Panel this year to choose from such a list of amazing people that made up the nominees.

Its been a whirlwind of fun, and hard work but an absolute overall pleasure working with the Nominee Selection Panel, the EMC Elect leadership team and the numerous EMC Business Units engaged.

Most amazing of all is the community behind EMC Elect. Such dedicated Community people, who are advocates of their Community and peers.

For me personally, I have benefited from EMC Elect immensely. And technically speaking I am not a member. I lead the program and facilitate it, and I love doing that. But even by doing that I became involved in an amazing community engaging with really erudite individuals. Seriously its been amazing to be in the presence of these folks, both in person and online. I have learned so much from them and the program.

For myself I have built a rich networking connection of great intelligent and helpful people.  I got to engage with customers, partners, employees and Business units I would not get to do in my normal working environment. And its made me better at understanding the business I work in.

But the benefits of EMC Elect  are not just for the members. It’s also to the benefit of people who engage with EMC Elect. They are community driven, socially active. They share tweets, blogs, pod casts, write white papers and publications. They speak at conferences, and might even be on you site conducting a installation or Service. It’s only right EMC thanks them ,and essentially that’s the main purpose of the program, to thank individuals for what they have done fro the previous year. But what happens when you get a group of such amazing individuals together in one place?  Well that’s what happened Last Year. Just simply amazing engagement.

2014, I am sure, will be even greater for EMC Elect. with 80 brilliant individuals, like we have in the EMC Elect of 2014, it cannot but be a fantastic year of engagement, collaboration, advocacy and fun!

Keep an eye on #EMCElect. You won’t be sorry 🙂

There are lot of people to than for amazing work particularly behind the scenes. @sthulin who just rocks as a lead for EMC Elect and for behind the scenes work on getting the Elect awesome stuff at conferences. Also @MaryKilgallen who is an amazing lady who does so much for us that it would take an entire series of blog posts to explain. Essentially if you are a Bond movie fan, Mary is Q and to some degree when we need it M rolled into one. A fantastic lady.

There many others to thank, but its getting late. But the final and most important thank you is to the EMC Elect of 2013. They blazed  a bright trail, setting a path and standard for other EMC Elect to follow. They did it very much in the spirit of community and collaboration. and it is down to these people that the program garnered so much attention.  Thank you so much. Adieu EMC Elect of 2013.  Greetings to the EMC Elect of 2014.

Long Live EMC Elect. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Welcoming the EMC Elect of 2014

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