EMC Elect: Community Recognition with exclusive oppurtunity

The EMC brand is based on a promise to take information as far as possible.
But EMC alone cannot do this.

Our loyal Customers, Partners and yes, EMC employees do the lion’s share of that work.

These people are EMC advocates. They do it not out of a preconceived fondness for EMC, but because they prove to themselves that EMC Products and Services enable the full realisation of the inherent power of information / Big Data / journey to the Cloud.Every day they do this, immersing themselves in EMC technology, letting EMC know when and what we need to do to improve our service when it needs it.

They blog about EMC, They talk about EMC on pod casts and they participate in the EMC Community Network collaborating with other customers and partners sharing their experiences, the subject matter expertise on EMC as well as helping customers solve issues who really need their help. These are tireless, passionate, brilliant people.

The EMC Elect designation has been brought about to recognise these tireless advocates. It is a distinguished designation to thank the advocates for their past endeavors’ in the way they have helped EMC and, more importantly, EMC’s Customers be successful in deploying our technology.
The beauty of this program too is that it is not designated by EMC, but by the EMC Community, made up of Customers, Partners and EMC Employees. The designation is achieved by peer nomination. And it is essentially a well deserved thank you to these wonderful people, from the EMC Community.

The Benefits –

The EMC Elect designation is a very special one. It entitles the designated Elect members to a suite of privileged exclusive access, granting:
  • First Access
  • Exclusive Privilege
  • Status
This translates to benefits like:
  • A direct conduit into EMC Business Units to hear about Betas, Roadmaps & other events
  • Private events with distinguished members of the EMC brand
    • Thought leadership conversations with Distinguished Engineers and Executive
  • Personalised opportunities to build and cross-promote documentation, videos, projects
  • Elevated status within the EMC Brand
  • VIP treatment at Tier 1 events
  • Personal liaison into EMC
  • Private VIP community on the ECN with
    • Elevated access to content
    • Special curated communication
    • Blogging collateral
  • Exclusive iconography and brand recognition
  • Welcome activation kit (nice bag)

For 2013, there will be 150 advocates awarded the Designation of EMC Elect. Nominations are being accepted now and in Mid January of 2013 we will announce the EMC Elect designees.

Anyone following my blog will know this has been a passionate dream of mine & @mjbrender. I am delighted to see this dream come to life, with a tremendous team behind it. You can find out more about the program on our EMC Elect site page on ECN.

And as we are now seeking nominations for EMC Elect candidates feel free to fill out the nomination form if you know someone who deserves a nomination. Maybe that person is you 🙂 And yes you can nominate yourself. This is a great Program, one that celebrates these stalwart people. I can barely contain my excitement.  Do drop by and get involved.

Now you know what’s been keeping me occupied 🙂

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