EMC Elect update

“Response to the EMC Elect has been phenomenal. As of today, the message has been in front of 1,071,133 Twitter followers with thousands of views across blog posts.” As Matt Brender shared yesterday

But as he points out our unique number of nominations remains low. As nominations close on December 15th, 2012 it is important that you ensure that your favourite person for this distinguished honour gets nominated.

Just as a reminder:
EMC Elect is a community-driven recognition and thank you for individuals engagement with EMC as a brand over the last calendar year. There are many deserving a nomination. Perhaps even you deserve a nomination. You can nominate yourself. But participation is the price of admission.

Make sure you nominate that deserving someone, even if that someone is you.

As Matt says: “EMC Elect is inclusive, community-driven and a huge opportunity. Don’t let it go by. Nominate your influencers right now. “

I could not agree more, please don’t miss this opportunity to have your say in this community driven recognition.

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