Customer Advocacy :This is the right time, and this is the right thing.

This is the right time, and this is the right thing.” – Thomas Moore

Well, it’s been a while and yes it’s the usual excuse, I have been busy. But I really have.
Remember this post of mine? Well it is finally becoming a reality and I am delighted! We will finally be able to recognise and thank our loyal community members who advocate on behalf of their community.
Matt Brender and I are the unlikely duo who will spearhead this Project. Matt describes our Project very well on his own blog post about what is codenamed Project DNA

Recognising and celebrating our Advocates at EMC will be amazing!

The enthusiasm and Passion both Matt and I have for this Project are summed up in this quote from his post ” We’re ready to go big, and there’s no way we’re going home unsuccessful.”
I love it ! Recognition for our advocates is finally getting the big roll out it deserves.

It’s just fantastic!

EMC Ask the Expert

And tied to that is the other behemoth of a Project that I’m heading at present, EMC’s Ask The Expert. It’s going great guns and it’s thanks to those advocates we plan to thank through Project DNA, who are making this project a great success. We’ve even launched our own twitter account for it @EMCAskTheExpert and tomorrow we kick off our first experimental “Tweet Chat”. you can follow it it if you wish using #EMCATE.
it will be about “Performance calculations in Clariion / VNX” which is also a current ongoing discussion on our Ask The Expert Support Forum.

And that of course is not all, we will continue to expand Ask The Expert to product updates and launches, facilitating access to Customer advocates and subject matter experts who can make sense of a new feature or launch and what it means to EMC community members and product users.  And we will continue to bring in experts to address hot topics relevant to our Support Community members.

For more information on how Ask The Expert works you can listen to .. well .. me 🙂 talk about it when I was recently interviewed about it by the InFocus team

I am increasingly busy, but I have to say I am enjoying every minute of it. It’s incredible how much the Support Community in EMC has grown. It offers so much to the existing and newer community membership and it’s provided by dedicated community members sharing their experience, knowledge and expertise. I love being the Community Manager for it, as I get to know these community members, listen to them and advocate for them. The passion of our advocates is amazing. And I am delighted and honoured to play my part in having EMC recognise them through Project DNA. Much more about that very soon, that’s a promise. 🙂

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