Long time no blog post => symptom of EMC World :)

The problem with EMC World is that although you are working your tail off, you are not doing your regular job, hence getting slammed when you return to normality! Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it 🙂

Anyway, it’s been madness. But not without achievement. First off let me share a personal achievement. I’m a crew member of the Bantry Inshore Search and Rescue Association. http://www.bantrylifeboat.com/
As part of the skills required we have to be assessed for our boating competence.  I’m pleased to report I passed my Level 2 boat handling assessment on the 21st May. So I’m qualified to drive a Power Boat. Which might be a relief to some, maybe a worry to others 🙂

Now on to other stuff. Work wise, we are finalizing the preparations to opening the EMC Community Support Forums. I’m delighted and relieved this is culminating. And I may be biased, but I firmly believe it’s going to be a huge success for EMC. For evidence of that, check out our Support Forums MVP meetup at EMC World’s Social City. https://community.emc.com/videos/1737.  
To continue unbridled self promotion, here is me talking about how EMC eSerivces is changing Support, from a pod cast I did recently.

All of the above in my humble opinion is testimony to the benefits of the Support Forums Community and that opening the Forums will be fantastic!
Now  for some humility and thanks to people who we in the Support Forums Community  could not have succeeded without. Thanks to Kimberly Greco and Chris Ferdinand of EMC Careers for providing the You Tube podcast. Thanks to EMC’ers  Len Devanna, Brace Rennels, Susan Shapiro, Alan Zenreich for giving us the opportunity at Social City and continuing to put up with us on ECN )

And once the Forums are open the bus does not stop. Multilingual Support Forums is moving down the track, another vital part of Social engagement and we are taking on that challenge head on. It’s crazy busy, almost overwhelming at times. That’s why it’s important to pause and take in the distance traveled and the landscape. But not for too long.  

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