Late luggage, children who won’t sleep and a first birthday

Ah, I love my job. What I do not love is flying coach. It totally sucks. So does British Airways!  Thank you so much, British Airways for leaving my bag behind in Heathrow while I was in Boston. And thank you for delivering my suitcase 36 hours later. Nothing makes a 6 am delivery to your hotel room like having your suitcase arrive with every piece of your clothing in it is soaking wet! So yes, flying coach this time was especially unpleasant.

I was in Boston for our eServices all hands town hall. It was amazing and put to rights my travel misery. 
Our organization under Julie Larsen’s leadership is growing as is our reputation for getting things done. Of course I  am stoked about our impending big focus on the Support Forums, including Multilingual Support Forums, web searchable Forum content etc. It’s all good, crazy busy. Great complaints, really.Still you take a business trip, and your work piles up . It also doesn’t help that I only have three days left before my much needed two week holiday. 

Right now my 3 1/2 year old, who won’t go to bed is instead helping her mother wrap her brothers birthday presents. My son is 1 tomorrow. A year old already, It’s great to see my daughter excited for her brother. Still she should be in bed! And he’s chiming in now from his bedroom. He might be hitting his first year, but he’s still teething. He’s had a lot to deal with in his first year. He was born with a club foot. He has undergone, and is still undergoing orthopedic treatment pioneered by Ignacio Ponseti. He is doing well, with the treatment. His foot is positioned correctly now. And he is nearing walking, which means he will be thoroughly mobile.That will keep us all on our toes.

Anyway, more soon. Just updating etc.

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