Slan Las Vegas!

Well, I am sitting in McCarran Airport awaiting my double leg flight home. I can’t wait to see my wife and kids. I have missed them so much. I have been contemplating the last week of EMC World. from the perspective of my role, it was a heck of a lot of fun and extremely rewarding for the Social Comunity I represent. I take my hat off to Len Devanna and his team. The Bloggers Lounge and Social city were a tremendous asset. Particularly I owe a debt of gratitude to Susan Sharpiro, Alan Zenreich and Ray Havey for their stellar support and facilitation of the Support Forums MVP’s and Judges meet up.

The value of that panel discussion is continuing and has caught the attention of our marketing team already. Social City has proven the infrastructure and value of online video discussions like these. Don’t be surprised by EMC using events like these in the future. I know I will be pushing our team to leverage it for a number of initiatives next quarter.

This is not to to say EMC World ran smoothly for me. I really did not get to blog as much as I wanted to at the event. My laptop just cdid not want to cooperate with me at all. Thankfully I have an iPad now, which I am blogging from right now in fact. If I do get to go to EMC World next year at least accessing the network via mobile devices won’t be an issue for me anymore. Another resource hog was the Online Support booth. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean that we were very busy talking to customers. It was surprising to meet so many customers who were not aware that we had Support Forums. they were really happy to see them, to be shown how to use them, and delighted they would be opening up soon. It’s just a shame that Powerlinmk navigation is so cumbersome. But never fear the next generation of Powerlink. Is in bevta and due for general release very soon. It will certainly put an end to an awful lot of navigation issues for searching for the right content.

Overall, EMC World was a tremendous success. Now roll on my flights home.

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