It’s Proven Day today IN EMC World :)

Well, just over half an hour before our Meetup of the ECN Support Forums Most Valuable Players. I still can’t get my laptop on the wireless network here, so thanks to @AlanZ of ECN for the loan of his Ipad 2, of which I am rather envious.

All is going superbly well here. On my side of things, we have had tremendous feedback from our customers about the Support Forums. It’s nice to meet customers and help them in person. It’s been a frenetic pace, but our Team has really engaged our customers. At our booth, in the Solutions Pavilion
Here’s what’s been happening:
U.S. Trick Shot Pool Champion Chef Anton is dazzling the crowds with his exciting show.  Nobody goes away emptyhanded!

Live Demos of the following are being done.
–        Live Chat
–        Support Forums/Community (my piece of the demo)
–        Service Request Management
–        Search Support
–        Support by Product
–        VNXe Unisphere
–        Powerlink / Web Support user help and registration.
It’s been going down a treat, to say the least. When I get a chance, I’ll post photos of the experience. Yesterday was a blast, I got caught for a live interview on EMC TV. Apparently it jarred a colleague to see my Face in huge on the big screen 🙂 Today is our last day at the booth. A lot of people walking around in orange shirts. (EMC Proven Professionals). More Later.. Oh yeah, did I mention, the Fray are playing for us tongiht 🙂 Awesome.

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