Taking 5 at the Blogers lounge in Social City

Thanks to @nerdblurt for the loan of his iPad for this post. my laptop refuses to join the wireless network. Rather petulant :).

Anyway brief post to let people know the Support Forums Luncheon was a great success. It was so good to see our Comunity members in person. I got to meet @SandipNanda in person. Seeing him and the other MVPs receive their awards for their contribution was very satisfying. So to our VP Julie Larsen sharing that we are opening the Support Forums and launching multilingual Forums, starting with Chinese and Japanese. What was also shared and I’m delighted to repeat here is the news that the Support Forums MVP program and ECN Experts Program are rolling up to new program that will be focused on the entire ECN Community. More on that will be revealed in time. EMC World continues to be an awesome event and rightfully is making the news for all very good reasons. I’ve made many new friends and
Caught up with old ones. It’s been awesome. More from me later with photos etc, when my laptop decides to behave itself.

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