It’s the people Silly!

At the EMC World Conference in Las Vegas from the 21st to the 24th May, 2012, at the Venetian Hotel, we will have over 13,000 attendees. It’s exciting and somewhat scary!

Now many of my colleagues in EMC will tell you about our services, our technology , Big Data, Cloud Architecture and other next generation technologies, as well as a whole suite of new products from EMC. All of these are important to know about and share.

 But for me, this EMC World is all about the people. Now I am not saying my colleagues don’t get this, they so do! But I want to directly point out that all 13,000 plus attendees are the ones that make this conference / show what it is, and obviously the business of EMC.

 I look forward to meeting the real people. I love meeting customers, finding out about them, what they do and what they need. The EMC Support Forum Community has enriched my experience of EMC Customer relations. I come from a background of technical support over the phone in various companies. There is no need for me to go over the evolution of Support from then to now. The Internet & Social are a self evident tale now told.

What blows me away every day is the global scale of the conversation and the myriad of paths crossed, time zones, borders etc. And it ‘s all around helping people solve a problem or figure out how to do something. I really do love my work, even though at times it’s tough, with long hours. But working with the people in the EMC Support Forums, be they a colleague or customer,  has been amazing. Beyond their technical know how, they are all amazing regular individual people.

So while it will be all about the coolest new technology, I really look forward to meeting the people.
Seriously! Here is a link to the video I did for our Ask the Expert participants. As you’ll see we are planning some cool interaction, both in person and online.
EMC Ask the Expert, May update 2012

So wherever you are be sure to check out and engage in EMC World. If online try the vPass

I also urge you to tune / attend our “Join the Support Community Legends!” BUZZ talk. It promises to be a lot of fun and there will be prizes 🙂 (for online attendees as well as those in person)

And keep an eye on our Expert Community page. There will be updates from our attending “Expert hosts” for the Ask the Expert program. And if you keep in touch with them and ask questions about things you want to hear about at the show, you could win a prize. Stay tuned for updates on that.

In any event there will be more posts from me very soon from Las Vegas. It will be busy and fun and I look forward to seeing you there, in person or online 🙂 Las Vegas here we come!

eServices Online Support @ EMC World!

It’s an exciting time for eServices and the EMC Community Network. Some really cool things will be happening for the overall ECN users. But more on that will come in later blog posts. Plans for eServices representation at EMC World this year are in advanced stages of planning. I am thoroughly delighted that we will have some very special guests this year. As well as our Customer Council members attending, we will have @sthulin, @henriwithani, @ionthegeek & @NerdBlurt as special guests.

They will be attending EMC World sessions and events and will also be at the EMC Online Support Booth.
While there they will be sharing their insights on what the sessions bring as well as answering questions live & online and in the EMC Community Network Support Forums as appropriate. This is great for people who cannot attend EMC World and even for those who can but cannot make every session.

This is major as the content they will create and discussions they will have with peers in the industry will be a unique and privileged insight. We will be getting the Technical Support persons perspective on how cloud can transform your IT, and how Big Data can transform your business.

I am delighted that these experts  are part of this and encourage anyone following my blog to watch our Ask The Expert Support Community Page on ECN to keep up to date with planned events and content from EMC World.

I will have more to post in due course.