My #VMWorld Europe experience representing #EMC (part 3)

Well I intended this post to be done on the final day of the conference. However between packing and getting work done and the valued conversations to have, as well as a flight to catch, it never happened.  So it is now written from my home office in Bantry, by the Atlantic ocean rather than the Mediterranean sea 🙂

I wanted to wrap the conference by pointing out the announcements that were made throughout the week. But I found this summary and point you to it now. Its quite informative but brief.

It is entitled VMWorld 2014 Europe – Announcements.  Thanks to Michael Otey.

For EMC related stuff regarding VMWorld you can go to our Everything VMWare at EMC Community.

The main reason for my attendance, along with my colleagues, Dennis Smith and Sean Thulin was to inform and remind people that the EMC Elect Nominations are open and to encourage nominations.

We were also there to highlight those EMC Elect members who were attending the conference to show case what EMC Elect members do that gets them the accolade. And we did just that by highlighting their sessions via the social channels, and getting some face time on camera with all of the EMC Elect in attendance.

In due course we will be editing the footage and sharing it on the EMC Elect Community.

Conferences are a lot of fun, that is true, but in equal measure, and probably more so, they are hard work. You have commitments while you are there for the business. Your real job still exists and does not wait so it can be a real headache to juggle it all. And it is important to note that the value of attending a technical conference from a networking and professional relationship building point of view. It is an invaluable resource to make that personal connection, both for your own brand and the business. That is something Sean, Dennis and I as part of the EMC Elect Management team strive to point out out time and again.

EMC Elect is in fairness one of many advocacy programs out there. Each has their value. In EMC we are continuing to stress the EMC Elect program benefits to the business and the EMC Community of peers. Thankfully for us, even though we enjoyed attending the conferences, we are glad to see that VMWorld Europe 2014  is the final tier 1 conference, with a heavy EMC Elect presence.  This gives us the opportunity to focus on promoting and developing the program inside EMC. We’ll also be planing and preparing the EMC Elect Program for 2015.   Lots to do, busy as ever.

In any event its been a very successful conference for the EMC Elect. Its been a learning curve for us too and we will certainly be using what we learned to improve our conference  facilitation of the EMC Elect in the future. In the mean time I have a simple ask of those you who read my blog. Please nominate someone, or yourself for the EMC Elect program. Help us recognize those people who live and breath community participation, engagement and advocacy of EMC.

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