My #VMWorld Europe experience representing #EMC (part 2)

This post will tell the legend of Will Quinn 🙂   More on that later. Its day 2 at VMWorld Europe and the conference is in full swing. Plenty of information and sessions have been completed  and more to come. There is so much going on here its hard / nay impossible to keep up with it all. Thankfully all of the sessions will be shared online.

From an EMC Elect perspective today Chad Sakac, came to VMWorld and shared some great things on Software Defined. Chad is always interactive, seeking questions and possibly sharing a little too much on whats coming down the track from EMC 🙂 But Chad believes in sharing for the conversation. He’s a great example of community advocacy.


And Chad wasn’t the only EMC Elect member giving a briefing today. Well Chad is doing a series of them actually.

But Jonas Rosland and Matthew Cowger gave a briefing on scripting and programming cloud automation. They kept it very interactive and stressed it was not a marketing session. And it was in no way. It was very informative and gave very good best practices for coding.




I’ll be attending more sessions in the afternoon. And am looking forward to the Ask the experts event where Chad is one of the panelists. They are always fun and informative.

And now to the legend of Will Quinn. Yes Mr Quinn and many others with the help of Erica McDonald and the man in the shadows Steve Knight, threw an amazing Customer Appreciation Event. The venue was amazing, and the whole event was a wild success. Will and team did a tremendous job. It was the biggest customer appreciation event EMC has done in Europe. So Will Quinn is now the Cool events /party guy 🙂 Kudos Will.




I’ll post more tomorrow, keeping  it brief enough. it is worth mentioning we, Sean Thulin, Dennis Smith and myself are recording footage, live from the VMworld show floor and environs. We are getting together with EMC Elect members present here and recording their perspectives of VMWorld and what part of being in the EMC Elect community is all about. We’ll be sharing that in due course.





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