Re-branding, renewing commitment, but not changing one iota.

Well finally its all come together. So why did I do it? Why change my twitter handle to @dathbrun from @MabroIRL on twitter?  Why not? Moving from to WordPress? Why?

It’s simply like this. I have been immersed in studying Project Management to achieve the level of PMP. And being that I am of the behavior of learning by doing I have been applying it to my work. Hence EMC Elect has a heavy element of PMP best practices being applied to it. It is a fundamental to this process and assures it will be successfully and professionally managed.

When it comes to EMC Elect, it is known I have stated this is a dream come true for me. I can’t and won’t claim it as my dream. It’s not and since it’s launch its no more mine than anyone else’s. EMC Elect belongs to the Community. So does EMC’s “Ask the Expert”. Every community endeavour for EMC eServices is focused on delivering what is required and demanded by its Community. It’s good business and good sense. For me my role has morphed, from Community Management and advocacy to evangelism of EMC eServices and its Support Community . I say more about that in this video with Mr Brender.

To me the Community and the Support Forums on ECN have garnered a lot of interest and build up.

This has brought the attention it deserves. With Ask the Expert flourishing and EMC Elect gaining huge attention I felt the need to tidy up my Social Profile. To show more professionalism and to facilitate more social engagement and bringing a brand awareness to the entire EMC eServices portfolio of tools and service, focusing particularly on our Support Forum Community and EMC Elect.

In so doing I am accepting the responsibility to represent the community and all the great things it offers. Given the high-profile of our ECN Community now receives I feel it’s important to enhance and improve on communication about it. I felt it necessary to change things up so I can better present and represent the EMC eServices org and what I advocate around the Support Community. I will be blogging more often, continuing a focus on eService community advocacy but also things I learn as an incumbent fledgling Project Manager. Nothing has fundamentally changed about me. But I will strive to improve myself and better represent my work and amazing peers.

To that end, my eternal thanks to the following people for their unswerving support and encouragement and plain speaking. My wife Maria, our two beautiful children, Stephanie McBride, Luigi Dankos, Matt Brender, Craig Chapman , Jonas Rosland, Sean Thulin & Ankit Mehta.  And humble thanks to all of the Community Members of ECN, and particularly all of the founders. It’s a pleasure to be working to advocate the amazing things they do.

Onward and upwards. More to come and more often.