EMC Elect March on Vegas in 2013

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EMC World looms large!

It’s finally here and so am I. When I mean here I mean Las Vegas. And the EMC Elect are marching towards Vegas with a fantastic agenda that will really show the awesome power of our Community.

EMC Elect March on Vegas!


In addition to highlighting the  EMC Elect we will also be highlightingthe EMC Ask the Expert.

Here is the planned Agenda we have around that:

First we our live from EMC World Events:

Ask the Expert Tweetchat: How can VMAX Cloud Edition be used to positively affect a customer’s business

Ask the Expert Tweet Chat: Oracle on VMAX

Feel free to subscribe to the events and follow us on twitter via #EMCAsktheExpert and on the handle @emcsupport

We’ll also be recording a video wrap up of this discussion:

Ask the EMC Elect Experts about Fibre Channel Routing with the EMC Elect experts.

In addition we’ll have some exciting news around software defined storage.

This will be an amazing conference and you should attend either in person or virtually.

If you are doing it virtually check out the EMC WORLD vPass. Your virtual guide to EMC World 2013

I will be blogging, tweeting and possibly even be seen on EMC TV and Google +.  Now I have to run, I’m late for an exciting #EMCElect event. Follw that on twitter for a fantastic social buzz.

More later.

What’s awesome about EMC Support?

I wanted to talk about the EMC Support organization. Not just my end of the Support Forums, but the whole Support organization in EMC. Before I go on, I must disclose that  I come from this organization in that I once was Support Engineer in EMC. Customer Support has been my career over the last 15 years in a number of multinationals.
Support is considered a dirty word, isn’t it? It’s true, who enjoys calling up for Support on their products, regardless of what they are. From a mobile phone to washing machines no one likes doing it. But someone has to 🙂

EMC Support is award winning. We have achieved numerous SSPA awards.  Now I could talk about our great tools our focus on Total Customer experience or Live Chat, etc. But we all know that tools are just that, tools! It’s the people who do Support that lead to these awards. And yet Sales and Marketing only seem to laud Support Services when they win awards. The fact is EMC’s Support Services excellence is completely down to the Service Personnel behind it. These people have the most intimate relationships with our customers because they are there to help customers in pain, solving problems. Support is there, 7 X 24, 365 days a year. Support People are there long after Sales and Marketing have moved on to other potential customers. And I know I ‘m biased but the Support People in EMC are dedicated, excellent and second to none. They get very little kudos in EMC for what they do. These people are the brand differentiators for EMC in my view. These people hold up the brand of our Service Support. So I wanted to show them a little appreciation.  (Very Subtle I know 😉 )

These day’s don’t you think  that Twitter is oversubscribed for Marketing? I certainly do. I would like to see more from Support people and organizations. But Still, things like this EMC engineer’s work @sthulin (and yes he is a friend of mine) give me encouragement about Support engagement socially. Check out his latest blog post in relation to EMC’s Celerra and MAC OS X 10.7.