Why Forums are just so cool!

This model was given to me by my best mate in the whole wide World:

It’s a model of the German World War II Uboat, the U260, which was scuttled off the Southern Coast of Ireland by her crew in March 1945, I have actually dived the wreck, brilliant dive at 45 meters.

Beyond being a cool gift from my buddy, This model is physical proof how Forums in the Social Media Space help us achieve our goals, with even better results than we expected. Jason, my buddy who built this model , took the time to explore modeling Forums and Uboat forums before he got started and the link below outlines the entire build process he went through with some great advice and help form fellow members of the Forum.
U260 Finished build

Jason put some big efforts in to making it an authentic representation of the type VII C the ship was, including what the ship would have looked like in port, before her fateful journey and demise off the Irish Coast.

It’s a cool model, and I love that it’s whole creative process is within an online Forum. It makes me smile every time I  look at in it’s case on the mantelpiece. 🙂

WIP U-260 Finished Ship Chat