Cisco Live London my love for tech networking rekindled

So Matt Brender in his awesomeness has shared some nerd humour and some of what we are up to at Cisco Live this year on his Blog . For my part I have been working on thinking like an EMC Elect member and looking as to what I would want out of a show like this from an exclusive Elect perspective.

So looking at that Matt and I both realised that one of the benefits should be suggested events/ sessions at the conference, tailored to the Elect members interests. So thinking in those terms I thought about my own technical interests. I once was a technical support person in routers and switches and well it’s Cisco Live and I am very interested in IPv6, so I am getting to those sessions that are about that. And suddenly the old techie inside me is rekindled.

Now for a real EMC Elect member how awesome would it be to hit a conference, get exclusive content, meet up with fellow Elect members and have a suggested tailored agenda to go from right off the bat. That is damn nice methinks.

I will have other thoughts and perspectives to share later on. I just wanted to get these thoughts out. I seriously need to pimp out my blog too, as Matt is showing me up 🙂

I have to run to a session, more later.

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